Location Planned for New Phenix City Event Center

new Phenix City event center

Change is in the air! Not only is the new year coming up, but there’s an update on the new Phenix City event center. As of now, they city has officially planned a location. That means soon, our wonderful town is about to have another great draw for residents and visitors alike. Here’s more on the project!

What is the new Phenix City event center?

Our town is amazing! Friendly residents, great places to live, and a thriving social culture—we all love Phenix City. Though we’re used to having smaller indoor centers, that’s about to change. The new Phenix City event center will make it easier for residents to gather around and attend events. Plus, it can seat thousands, which could draw in some tourism too!

Where will the Phenix City event center be located?

The land has already been selected for the Phenix City event center. Once it’s finished, people can visit it at a location right by Colin Powell Parkway. The center will sit on 22 acres of land.

When will the Phenix City event center be finished?

Right now, our city is doing its due diligence. In order to make sure that the land is as safe as possible for visitors and residents, the city is conducting environmental testing. Though an exact date has yet to be confirmed, estimates state that the project could be completed fairly soon in 2021 or 2022. For a project that vast, the timeline sure is impressive! And once it’s finished, well, you’ll have another reason to adore our hometown!


Now that the location has been planned for the new Phenix City event center, we can officially start looking forward to all the fun we can have there! Concerts, graduations, seasonal events and more—the future sure looks bright!

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