Phenix City is Among America’s Most Courageous Cities in 2019

Phenix City is among America's most courageous cities in 2019

Our proud town is remarkable—and for many reasons. One of them? Our citizens! Thanks to them—and you—Phenix City is among America’s most courageous cities in 2019. Here’s just how we earned that honor—and what it means!

Who gave our town this honor?

Phenix City is among America’s most courageous cities in 2019, according to Insurify. Insurify is a car insurance website, which helps people determine which plan is best for their budgets.

How did Insurify select which cities rank on their list?

Insurify processes relevant data, like applicants’ occupations, as your job can influence how much you pay for your insurance. From their customers, they were able to determine an approximate list ranking of the most courageous cities in the country, based on the types of jobs locals hold.

In this case, occupations like military members and public safety professionals contributed to the rankings. Insurify then calculated the number of people working those jobs per town, which gave them their results.

How does Phenix City compare to other cities on the list?

For many of us, the answer is hardly a surprise! Phenix City is actually the most courageous city in the whole state of Alabama! With all the brave, hard-working people in our community, this makes perfect sense!


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