Local Spotlight: Feeding the Valley

Feeding the Valley

Ending hunger in the community. It’s a tall order, but the main aim of Feeding the Valley, one of Georgia’s eight regional food banks. It’s a community resource that serves 17 counties in Georgia and one in Alabama, working to reach the least fortunate.

Feeding the Valley History 

Feeding the Valley came about as an interfaith coalition dedicated to curbing community-wide hunger. Founded in 1982, the food bank originated as an answer to a need: a centralized, concentrated food source. The first food load delivered to its stores clocked in at 1,469 pounds.

Originally named the Interfaith Action Food Bank, Feeding the Valley underwent name changes throughout its history. The organization became known as the Second Harvest Food Bank of the Chattahoochee Valley in 1997, owing its namesake to its new parent national network. In 2008, Feeding the Valley adopted its current name after a vote to mirror the national network’s updated brand: Feeding America.

After bouncing around early in its history, Feeding the Valley opened a central headquarters in Columbus, Georgia in 2017. This modern, 31,000 square foot campus serves as a base of operations.

About Feeding the Valley

The organization’s mission is simple on paper, yet not particularly so in practice: gather food to feed the hungry. Yearly, Feeding the Valley dispenses approximately 8.6 million pounds of food across its designated region. A sense of steadfast stewardship and compassion underlies the organization’s day-to-day operations.

Feeding the Valley collaborates with more than 275 partners, ranging from faith-based institutions to senior centers. The food bank works in conjunction with non-profits, food pantries, after school programs, homeless shelters, youth organizations, and more.

For efficiency’s sake, Feeding the Valley drives traffic for donated food from corporate and local partners. Akin to a food funnel, the food bank serves as a source for receiving and distributing food, directing to populations in need. Prior to distribution, food undergoes inspection and inventory. Plus, partner organizations must meet criteria and complete an application process before joining.


Feeding the hungry takes a village, and Feeding the Valley serves a vital role in meeting that need. We’re happy to share space with such an organization so close by in Columbus, Georgia.

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